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Access unlimited capacity from a single point for manufacturing your custom-designed parts from prototyping to mass production. Save time with our digital platform and let us manage the process for you. We provide guaranteed quality at competitive prices.

200.000+ Pieces Manufactured
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How Does It Work?

Become a member of Tridi.co for free and upload your models. Get automatic quotation or request for a quotation according to the manufacturing technology you need.

The most suitable manufacturer is selected from our wide manufacturing network for your order. The entire manufacturing process is followed by our expert team.

The pieces that undergo quality control are sent to you. You can follow the entire process from the quotation to delivery through tridi.co website.

We offer CNC Machining, Industrial 3D Print, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Urethane Casting and Injection Molding Services on a single platform.

Access multiple manufacturing technologies and dozens of materials through a single platform thanks to our extensive manufacturing partners network. Whether it is 1 piece or 100,000 pieces, we carry out your outsourced manufacturing process in the fastest way and deliver them to you.


Quickly access your machining metal and plastic pieces with the highest precision.

Have your pieces manufactured with different CNC Machining technologies and 3-4-5-axis CNC machines. In accordance with your needs, we manufactureeither 1 prototype or your mass production demands in the fastest way.

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Access industrial 3D Printing technologies and materials with tridi.co.

You can get manufacturing services from FDM, SLA, MJF, SLS, Polyjet and DMLS technologies. There is a wide range of materials with different strengths and properties. You can use 3D printing technologies for challenging geometries, prototypes close to the end product, test prototypes, and low volumes of final products.

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The best solution for your mass production needs with a smooth surface and low quantities.

You can access a wide range of materials without high mold investment. You can obtain affordable and quality products with urethane casting technology, which offers results very close to the final product.

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Have pieces manufactured with excellent surface quality in quantities ranging between 1 and 100,000.

Have your final products manufactured with plastic injection service with a wide range of materials and technical features. Thanks to our wide manufacturing partners network, we are very fast in quoting and manufacturing times.

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Have metal pieces manufactured with different materials and finishing options.

You can make fast and affordable manufacturing by shaping metal materials with laser cutting, metal bending, and welding technologies. We manufacture durable and end-use pieces with aluminum, stainless steel, DKP, black sheet, galvanized sheet, and brass materials.

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Our References

Hasan Yörük

R&D Manager / Arzum Company

We received rapid and explanatory responses within the scope of the manufacturing service provided by Tridi. We are quite pleased due to factors such as the analyses provided by Tridi, the instant tracking feature at all phases of production, and solution-centered approaches during the problems.

Burak Kocamış

Co-Chief Executive Officer / APESAN

It has been 1 year since I met Tridi but I feel like I have been working with them for a long time. They have provided us with great comfort in terms of planning and traceability, particularly in the digitalization of product development processes. Finally, we have found one of the partners we have been looking for in the industry.

Efkan Karagöz

Mold Design Staff / Asset Medikal

Thanks to its agile approaches, it concluded all the prototyping phases we required in the shortest possible time. It found the most appropriate producer for us in our sheet metal forming procedures and it extremely facilitated our work with the quality service it provided.

Görkem Erdoğan

Design Manager / ADEL

We are thankful for the service support they provided in the fields of rapid prototyping and prototype injection molding! The opportunity to obtain the prices online and rapid responses to the data were very beneficial for us in terms of using the time productively.

Ahmet Güçbilmez

Purchasing Department Specialist / BAMA Teknoloji

We would like to thank the Tridi team, who produced the modules and products we developed rapidly, with advantageous costs, and in good quality, particularly in the prototyping phase.

Murat Canseven

Production Manager / Acrome

Tridi is one of the most important partners in our continuous R&D processes. The fact that we have not needed to seek an alternative in producing the prototypes is a clear indicator of the quality of their work.

Berke Bozoklu

Mechanical Design Engineer / Deliversai

We worked with Tridi company in 3D printing, aluminum and steel metal forming, and CNC processing methods within the prototyping processes of our robots. The ease of communication with Tridi and the tracking of production phases by a competent company facilitated our production.

Egemen Akbaş

Industrial Automation Technologies Technician / Lotec

As a company that designs and produces electronic devices, we try to meet our prototype requirements meticulously in terms of visual and technical quality. At this point, Tridi turned into a long-term solution partner for us thanks to its good communication, rapid response, and quality control phases.

Furkan Eren

Software Engineer / Optofil

Tridi has become an institution that meets all the requirements of our products in the prototyping phase, thanks to the different production services it has provided. It performs the controls of the completed products meticulously and suits us as a report. Our production process proceeds easily and quickly with this innovative service approach.

Order Process

Upload your models to the system and get quotation.


When you place the order, the most suitable manufacturer will start your manufacturing.


You can follow up on the production process on tridi.co and communicate with our sales support engineers.


After your products are manufactured, they go through quality control, and they are shipped.

Experience the Most Innovative Form of Manufacturing Procurement

Thanks to Turkey's largest network of on-demand manufacturing, your orders are put into manufacturing within 24 hours. To create your production order, you can upload your model to our system or contact our project support team.

Get a Quotation

Fill in the form to work with us, and we will contact you.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have used our product development and production capabilities to manufacture the needed healthcare equipment. We sent more than 40,000 products to 550 healthcare centers in 81 provinces for free.

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