Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

With the DMLS 3D printing service, we offer our customers a wide range of on-demand manufacturing opportunities for their complex part designs or industrial end-use metal part needs.

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    DMLS 3D Printing Technology

    The DMLS 3D printing technique is a sintering technology, and the floor is covered with a sandy surface in this technique. It covers the processes of sintering and assembling specially designed parts using materials suitable for powder metallurgy. This method, which has been developed using powder metallurgy methods, is the oldest additive manufacturing method.

    It is an ideal technology for the manufacturing of parts with complex geometry. A support structure is always used in the manufacturing of powder ground in metal parts. It is widely used for prototyping or manufacturing industrial end-use parts.

    Our DMLS 3D Printing Manufacturing Capacity
    ToleranceLayer ThicknessMinimum Detail Size
    DMLS±0.1 - 0.2 mm0.02 - 0.08 mm (varies depending on the material)±0.076 mm - ±0.1 mm (varies depending on the part geometry)

    Thanks to our qualified supplier network and certified manufacturing facilities, you can manufacture your products with extremely high precision and speed for your needs ranging from industrial end-use parts to functional metal prototypes.

    DMLS 3D Printing Materials
    • Despite its low density, it shows very high strength.
    • It has high corrosion resistance.
    • It has a high melting point.
    • It is preferred in biomedical fields and the defense industry.
    • It has high corrosion resistance and mechanical values.
    • It is 316L grade stainless steel material.
    • The rupture strength is quite high.
    • This light alloy material has high thermal conductivity.
    • It is the most preferred material in terms of price performance.
    • It is often preferred in topology optimization in defense, space, and automotive fields.
    Finishing Options

    Different finishing options can be preferred according to the place and situation where the machined piece will be used. Some processes can be applied to make the model smoother, brighter, matte or corrosion-resistant. Some of these processes are listed below.

    Original Surface

    It is delivered as obtained from the machine. The supports and surface burrs are removed. Depending on the technology, traces of layers can be observed.

    Painting (All)

    The painting process in the desired RAL code is performed as obtained from the machine. Surface layer lines are not removed. The desired color tone is provided.

    Coating (DMLS)

    Metal pieces manufactured in DMLS technology can be coated with desired properties.

    Surface Hardening

    Hardening processes are applied to the surfaces of the machine or vehicle parts that are subjected to friction and abrasion. Nitriding, which allows the parts to maintain their hardness even under extreme conditions, and carburizing (cementation), which hardens the surface by penetrating atomic carbon into low-carbon metals, processes are applied.

    Post-processing + Painting (All)

    A smooth final product is obtained by post-processing pieces in all technologies. Painting in the desired RAL code is applied. The matte or glossy surfaces can be preferred.

    Advantages & Application Areas of DMLS

    Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLs) technology is an ideal metal 3D printing technology for your industrial manufacturing parts or functional prototypes. Special parts with complex geometry that cannot be manufactured using CNC machining technology can be manufactured using the DMLS 3D printing technology.

    With DMLS 3D printing technology, you can save time by manufacturing your parts in a shorter time. It is widely used in the aviation, defense, and medical industries as it is an ideal technology for the manufacturing of durable end-use parts with high strength.

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    Parts for Aviation Industry

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