With Polyjet 3D printing service, we offer our customers the on-demand manufacturing opportunity for their needs of end-use parts with complex design geometries or high precision.

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    Polyjet 3D Printing Technology

    The resin material in liquid form is injected by a head and laid on the table. The photopolymer resin sprayed by the head is solidified using UV light, and it is added layer by layer. It has a similar manufacturing process to FDM. It is widely used in the dental and jewelry industry.

    It allows you to print both hard material and flexible material using multiple injection heads at the same time.

    It is suitable for functional prototyping in the industry and manufacturing final products in low volume.

    The parts manufactured using Polyjet 3D printing technology are completely covered with support material. Then, the support material is completely removed from the product manually using water and some chemicals. It usually does not require any successive operations after manufacturing.

    Our Polyjet 3D Printing Manufacturing Capacity
    Layer ThicknessMinimum Feature SizeTolerance
    Polyjet0.03 mm0.3 mm± 0.2 mm

    Thanks to our qualified supplier network and certified manufacturing facilities, you can manufacture your products with extremely high precision and speed for your needs ranging from manufacturing functional prototypes with extremely high dimensional accuracy to low-volume end-products.

    Polyjet 3D Printing Materials
    • This material has high tear-resistance and strength.
    • Thanks to its flexible shore value, it simulates rubber-like materials and shows high resistance to stretching and bending.
    • It is available in transparent, black, and white forms.
    • It is suitable for medical models, sports equipment, moving hinges, industrial apparatus, and general prototyping applications.
    • It has a variety of shore values (Shore A 27 - Shore A 95) in terms of flexibility.
    • It is an ideal material for obtaining rubber surrounds, non-slip surfaces, buttons, handles, gaskets and hoses by using together with hard materials or for overcoating and soft tissue coating applications.
    • Vero is an ideal high-resolution material to test the accuracy of your functional prototypes with its various color options, it offers strength, rigidity, and versatility in multi-purpose applications.
    • Its perfect detailed appearance, it is an ideal material for manufacturing high-strength surgical models, moving parts and industrial apparatus.
    • With Vero Clear, you can manufacture color industrial parts or prototypes in high resolution.
    • You can obtain transparent surfaces by mixing materials in various colors.
    • It is a high-quality printing material for glasses, spectacles, light covers, cases, medical products, translucent light pipes and special-design models.
    • Digital ABS is the most suitable alternative material for parts manufactured by injection molding.
    • Parts with high strength and impact strength can be obtained with excellent resolution.
    • Moreover, Digital ABS provides the best dimensional stability for thin-walled parts.
    Finishing Options

    Different finishing options can be preferred according to the place and situation where the machined piece will be used. Some processes can be applied to make the model smoother, brighter, matte or corrosion-resistant. Some of these processes are listed below.

    Original Surface

    It is delivered as obtained from the machine. The supports and surface burrs are removed. Depending on the technology, traces of layers can be observed.

    Painting (All)

    The painting process in the desired RAL code is performed as obtained from the machine. Surface layer lines are not removed. The desired color tone is provided.

    Post-processing + Painting (All)

    A smooth final product is obtained by post-processing pieces in all technologies. Painting in the desired RAL code is applied. The matte or glossy surfaces can be preferred.

    Advantages & Application Areas of Polyjet

    Thanks to our Polyjet 3D printing service, you can manufacture complex prototypes with complex geometries and material diversity with very high precision. With the Polyjet 3D printing service, you can gain the advantages of manufacturing parts in a short time and improving the cosmetic appearance of the parts.

    Thanks to its capability to use different types of materials in the same structure, you can manufacture your detailed prototypes or thin-layered, patterned structures by adjusting the degree of hardness. It also allows you to manufacture products in different colors. It is advantageous for flexible and transparent materials. It is often used to manufacture small parts. It is a widely needed technology in the automotive industry.

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