What is Metal Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting gathers a lot of energy to focus the beam of light on a very small area. When the laser cutter operates, it makes a hole in the material subjected to the laser by burning, melting or evaporating it.

Plastic Revolution In Manufacturing

In this blog, we answered the question: "How did the plastics that entered our lives in the last century affect our environment, our production, and consumption patterns, and where are plastic materials used today? How much more will these areas expand during the coming century?”

Aluminium Materials used in CNC Machining

Aluminum is one of the most used materials in CNC machining. Although the most important reason for this is its very good machinability, many properties of aluminum play a role in its preference. Let's take a closer look at the main reasons for such heavy use of aluminum in CNC machining.

CNC Machining Materials: Copper and Brass Alloys

In this article, we aim to introduce you to the most prominent features of copper and brass alloys, which are widely used in the industry for CNC machining.

Plastic Material Selection Guide in Manufacturing with CNC Machining

You have decided to have the plastic parts you want to be produced with CNC machining methods, but if you are not sure which plastic material you should choose, this article is for you.

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