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Innovative Approaches Webinar held in Product Development Processes!

"Innovative Approaches in Product Development Processes", the first episode of the TridiTalks webinar series, was broadcast live on Youtube on December 15, 2021. In the program where Arzum Marketing and Product Development Deputy General Manager Mehtap Yıldız was the guest, trends in product development processes, the future of the product development process and career opportunities were discussed.

Innovative Approaches Webinar held in Product Development Processes!

As Tridi, we started the TridiTalks webinar series to keep the dynamics in the industry more robust, keep up with the trends, convey the productivity of our business model, and be of service to the career journey of engineers and engineer candidates. Our first event, which will be held every month with different topics and guests, was hosted by Arzum Marketing and Product Development responsible General Manager Mehtap Yıldız and moderated by our Tridi General Manager Çınar Topaloğlu. We have compiled for you all the questions and answers Çınar Topaloğlu asked Mehtap Yıldaz during the webinar. 

Trends in Product Development for the Next 20 Years 

"In the future, engineers will be able to get involved in any project they desire." 

Mehtap Yıldız: "The products that we need in the future will preserve their continuity, but we will need to discuss how to develop them in the first place. Disbanded teams will be able to play a role in the development of a product, thus creating a valuable opportunity for newly graduated engineers. The impact of the rapid digitalization era and the digital tools we use allow us to manage businesses remotely. In the future, engineers will be able to get involved in any project they want in a hybrid way from anywhere. Here, having digital competence is substantial. 

Çınar Topaloğlu: "Artificial Intelligence will make the decisions in the future. That is one of the newer products that we will be developing. Even though aesthetical apprehension will remain a place where humans are strong, I predict that with enough data, artificial intelligence will deliver outstanding performance." 

"Product development engineers should be well-versed in data and big data."

Mehtap Yıldız: "Big data will produce essential products in the future. We even capture a lot of data input in a boutique project. We process the data manually and use them later to develop new products. The product development system of the future will be able to create data automatically. If artificial intelligence supports this, then the data itself will be able to brief. Accordingly, Product Development Engineers need to get along very well with data and big data. Developing personalized products in the future will gain importance with the "personalization" of product development. We will be aware of the person's data and special product needs. In addition to this, we would be able to offer personalized product development. The person will be able to customize and order instantly." 

Project Management Tools in Product Development

Mehtap Yıldız: "We have developed specialized tools for our project management. While we develop products, we work with open innovation, which is a future trend. One of our most potent tools and the muscle we love to build; is realizing any project with anyone. Finding a good idea and then releasing the product was valuable before. You were able to create your blue ocean and enjoy it for a while. But the process has gotten so fast now. Thus, your time to take advantage of the irreplaceable value of propositions has been reduced. 

Asked about the precautions taken about data security, Mehtap Yıldız responded, "We ensure data safety with the tenacious contracts we make with corporations". 

Equilibrium between Design and Manufacturing

Mehtap Yıldız: "I see the balance between design and manufacturing as a very sensitive scale. Getting full performance in return for the information you give to the designer about manufacturing limits can sometimes not be possible. The entries learned in manufacturing can limit the designer. On the other hand, if you don't give anything to the designer, you could get a non-productive outcome. I think it's important to preserve this balance."

Contribution of 3D Printers to Product Development

Mehtap Yıldız: "We use 3D printers during product development. We see it as an essential step that ensures the product before it gets to the moulding stage. We also think that that should be increased. 

The Benefits of our Business Model in the Manufacturing Sector

Mehtap Yıldız: "With our business model, you allow us to minimize the error rate in manufacturing. This enables a more accurate product in each modelling and the evaluations we make over it. The benefit to the ecosystem is the manufacturing system of the future. We have made many addressing to the future, with the development of the personalization trend and the desire to provide it with its data according to its own needs. The ecosystem will contain diversity and speed. I can say that it allowed for accepting any job in any scale of factories."

It was an interactive webinar where Mrs. Mehtap talked about her vast experience and predictions and our activities and contributions to the sector as Tridi. We thank everyone who attended and our followers who supported us.

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