Introduction to Metal 3D Printing

In this mini-blog, we explained metal additive manufacturing technology DMLS and its advantages.

Introduction to Metal 3D Printing

In this mini-blog, we explained metal additive manufacturing technology DMLS and its advantages.

What is Metal 3D Printing?

Printing technologies, which have been used for different purposes since ancient times, have been gaining a different aspect each passing day in parallel with the developments in technology. Metal 3D printing technology, which stands out today and has great advantages, is one of the methods that can be mentioned among these developments. This method, which makes it possible to melt powdered metal particles and apply them to the printing surface as desired, is laser-based printing technology. 3D metal printing, which allows additive printing without the need for any additional machining such as CNC turning or milling, has great potential, particularly for heavy industry applications.

What is DMLS?

DMLS refers to Direct Metal Laser Sintering and it is one of the few 3D printing technologies carried out in the digital environment. Thanks to this method, the designs prepared on the computer can be printed on the desired surface using stainless steel, aluminum or titanium material. The products obtained by this method have good mechanical properties.


How does DMLS work?

The operating principle of the DMLS method is extremely simple. First of all, computer-aided design software is required for this. CAD software packages are considered the most frequently used applications. Here, the print desired to be obtained is prepared in detail considering all its aspects. The prepared design is converted to STL format so that it can be processed by the metal printer. The laser printer receives all commands from the computer and its head moves according to these commands. First, the laser hits the metal powder in line with the commands it receives and allows it to warm up. After reaching the temperature of printing, the moving head starts the printing process according to the commands it receives. In this printing method, the layers are followed. The thickness of the horizontal layers should not exceed 0.1 mm.


What are the advantages of the DMLS method?

The DMLS method has an important role in metal 3D printing methods due to its advantages. The general advantages of the DMLS method can be listed as follows:

●        No Limits in Design: The print designs that can be made using the DMLS method are almost unlimited. All kinds of printing can be made using this method provided that the desired work is correctly designed using the design software. Even complicated geometries or designs that cannot be manufactured by traditional printing methods can be manufactured easily.

●        Printing in a Short Time: The manufacturing of complicated parts by the printing method might sometimes take very long periods. However, in the DMLS printing method, the time required for printing is minimal.

●        Environmentally Friendly: In recent years, environmentalist methods have been coming to the fore in the industry. DMLS, which is one of the 3D printing methods, also ensures the protection of the environment. This method, which does not leave any waste behind, does not pollute the environment.

●        Stronger Surfaces: The outer surfaces of the parts manufactured by the DMLS printing method are strong and more robust.


Manufacturing Service using DMLS Technology 

Your metal parts with complex geometries, particularly those in the prototyping stage or difficult to manufacture by CNC machining, can be manufactured quickly thanks to the advantages of DMLS technology. You can use our platform or contact us to get manufacturing service.


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