Tridi is at the Saha Expo'22 Exhibition!

As Tridi, we met with our customers and manufacturing partners in the defense, aviation, and space industries at the Saha Expo 2022 Exhibition, one of the largest industrial clusters in Europe.

Innovative Approaches Webinar held in Product Development Processes!

"Innovative Approaches in Product Development Processes", the first episode of the TridiTalks webinar series, was broadcast live on Youtube on December 15, 2021. In the program where Arzum Marketing and Product Development Deputy General Manager Mehtap Yıldız was the guest, trends in product development processes, the future of the product development process and career opportunities were discussed.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Supply / New Trends

You can read the first article of our series where we will talk about the effects of digital transformation trends in the production industry in the world and in Turkey. raised $336,000 in TechOne VC-led round!

As the team, we have good news. We continue our adventure by thinking, designing and producing without interruption, with exciting investment news. We are excited to announce that we have completed our investment round led by TechOne VC.

5 Advantages of Rapid Prototyping for Your Company

Let's take a look at the 5 important advantages of the rapid prototyping method, which minimizes all possible problems before obtaining the final product, on the 3D printing axis.

Manufacturing Supply Needs and Tridi in Aviation Industry

In this blog post, we discussed the production supply needs in the aviation industry and Tridi's specific solutions for this industry.

Design Processes of the Intubation Cabinet

Our Design Director, Can Onart, wrote the design processes of the Intubation Cabinet, which we produced for hospitals as part of the Support from Us project.

What Happened at Tridi in 2019?

In our article, we summarized the important developments and figures that took place in Tridi in 2019.

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