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Manufacturing Supply Needs and Tridi in Aviation Industry

In this blog post, we discussed the production supply needs in the aviation industry and Tridi's specific solutions for this industry.

Manufacturing Supply Needs and Tridi in Aviation Industry

In the aviation industry, where part features are of utmost importance, cutting edge manufacturing technology is frequently used for final manufacturing and R&D studies. Research and development studies are progressing day by day with advanced additive manufacturing studies, laser beam welding technologies, industrial internet of this (IIoT) applications and composite materials specially developed for the aviation industry. 

The shares of additive manufacturing and aerospace industries have nearly doubled in the last decade. According to research done by the consulting company Wohlers Associates, in 2009, the aviation and aerospace industries generated 9% of the income in the additive manufacturing industry (Wohlers Report 2009). This share nearly doubled and reached 17,7% in only ten years. According to the same report, the rate of end-use parts in additive manufacturing increased from 15.6% to 28.4% in the same period. 

For the first time in 2014, Airbus made history when a commercial airplane took to the skies for the first time with a simple 3D-printed titanium bracket piece. Airbus predicted that every kilogram saved prevents 25 tons of CO2 emissions over the life of the aircraft. Since then, Airbus SE received its most orders in 2019 and left its opponent Boeing behind. Honeywell’s bearing housing became the first 3D printed safety-critical engine that received US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval in August 2020.  In August 2021, GE Aviation announced that they produced and delivered 100,000 parts for their motor with 3D printing. The engines that were produced with new generation technology parts have 15% more efficiency than the older generation technologies. 

Tridi and Aviation Industry manufacturing Supply Needs

The manufacturing in the aviation industry and necessities in the supply field require a dynamic supply management infrastructure. As Tridi, our supply management service allows you to work with the proper manufacturer at the right time. We respond to the needs of companies operating in the aviation industry with our qualified and vast manufacturer partner network and our online manufacturing and supplying platform Tridi.co. 

We meet the supply requirements in the aviation industry by providing on demand manufacturing with our manufacturing technologies on the Tridi.co manufacturing Supply Platform. We offer unlimited capacities to the unique manufacturing needs of the aviation industry, from prototyping to mass manufacturing, thanks to our vast manufacturing supply network. 

On the other hand, approving a new supplier demands more time and can often restrict flexible sourcing for non-standard materials or processes. As Tridi, we can get ahead of these restrictions and lost time by meeting the demands with the proper manufacturer partners 

With the manufacturing supply management we perform as Tridi, frequently requested in the aviation industry are: 

Special and strict tolerances 

Surface treatments with unique and more than one technical feature

Non-standard material demands 

Assembled or installed equipment 

Certificates of conformity, equipment, or material 

Expedited deliveries 

Material and manufacturing standards certificates 

We offer unique solutions to meet these demands. 

We protect the models that will be produced with our manufacturing supply management by providing our manufacturing partners with a confidentiality agreement, and we provide access to the most accurate and suitable manufacturer. The industrial 3D printing services that we provide are generally used for rapid prototyping or special apparatus and fixture manufacturing by aviation companies. We primarily provided resolutions for technologies that work with MJF, SLS or DMLS, which use the sintering principle. 

Our CNC machining service produces metal and plastic parts that the industry demands, usually in low volume batches. In the Tridi Manufacturing Partners Network, manufacturings with CNC machining are carried on lathes or 3,4, and 5 axis machines depending on the geometry of the parts. Especially five-axis machines are the most suitable manufacturing method for the aviation industry. 

Parts that are frequently produced through Tridi’s services include rugged electromechanical enclosures, mounts, precision test fixtures and metal and plastic parts with user control panels.

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