The Rise of On Demand Manufacturing Platforms

We have compiled the advantages of on demand manufacturing platforms that provide efficiency, speed and cost advantages in manufacturing projects by creating digital solutions and expert support in manufacturing and supply processes.

The Rise of On Demand Manufacturing Platforms

We have compiled the advantages of on demand manufacturing platforms that provide efficiency, speed and cost advantages in manufacturing projects by creating digital solutions and expert support in manufacturing and supply processes.


From Traditional Manufacturing to Digital Platforms

While the manufacturing industry was carried out with traditional methods for a long time, many problems in processes such as communication, support, production, supply and quality control were in a deadlock. The inability of small and medium-sized companies to locate the ideal manufacturer due to financial and geographical limitations, as well as idle capacity and time issues encountered in projects intended to be implemented quickly, along with the ongoing manufacturing and supplier issues faced by large corporations, have all accelerated the development of digital manufacturing platforms. The new trends that emerged during the pandemic period allowed this development to be built on a solid foundation with all of its features.

Today, very few companies offer digital manufacturing services by consolidating their manufacturing technologies under one roof and digitizing these processes completely. These digital manufacturing platforms are attracting the attention of anyone looking for manufacturing services, ranging from individual users to large-scale corporations. Thanks to their advantages, these smart platforms, which solve the major issues in the manufacturing processes, have created and will continue to create tremendous efficiency and speed in the manufacturing industries.


Here are a few benefits of our digital manufacturing platform Tridi that provided for you:


  • Design Library

  • Manufacturer Segmentation

  • Automated Pricing

  • Manufacturing Diversity

  • Universal Quality Control 

  • Manufacturing Supervision

  • Digital Tracking



Design Library

Our design library, which grows with the designs of thousands of registered users from various sectors, creates an environment in which production and quality control practices for unique parts are used at optimum performance. The design library reduces the production risks that may be encountered in unique designs. Designs made to order are matched in terms of design details with their counterparts in the library so that manufacturing is carried out by the manufacturer with the best production practices for their parts and precision. With predefined quality control procedures, high quality is guaranteed. We have extensive experience with CNC Machining, Industrial 3D Printing, Injection & Silicone Molding, Sheet Metal Fabrication and a wide range of other sub-manufacturing technologies.


Manufacturer Segmentation

Turkey has a large-scale industry that produces a variety of unique and specialized goods for a wide range of industries. The same manufacturing technology can be used to create hundreds of different goods, notwithstanding the limitations of the available manufacturing technologies. Therefore, not only the machinery but also the factory's manufacturing practices, programming knowledge and types of materials employed play a crucial role in determining the most precise manufacturer. Each of our partners registered on our platform is initially rated and categorized based on this and numerous other factors. We strengthen our trust relationship by staying in touch with our manufacturing partners who pass this evaluation and meeting with them one-on-one. In this approach, we can quickly find the manufacturer who is the most qualified for your project.

Automated Pricing

The product and manufacturing stages are designed within mathematical and rational constraints. Our expert team determined the parameters used in this design process with high precision and the price mechanism was created using our machine learning infrastructure software.


Your designs are scanned for certain parameters and your orders are automatically and precisely calculated in the most accurate way possible thanks to the software we developed. Ensuring weekly intervals, accelerates and increases trust in the proposal creation and pricing phases.


Manufacturing Diversity

In Turkey and throughout the world, it is possible to find industrial communities that conduct industrial manufacturing. However, due to the effects of geography, these communities primarily focused on local needs. This approach creates a psychological barrier to manufacturing diversity since it is determined by human boundaries rather than mechanical boundaries. We eliminate the psychological barriers in manufacturing with our certified partners who are registered on our platform and come from numerous local and international regions. We locate the ideal manufacturer to handle this manufacture on your behalf and execute the process for each unique or mass-manufactured product.


Universal Quality Control

The industry now uses a variety of quality control and manufacturing methods. Despite the fact that each of the systems in the examples 5S, KAIZEN and SIGMA6 is successful, the effectiveness you'll receive depending on the product you manufacture will vary for each quality control regulation. We developed our two-stage digital quality control regulation by analyzing all existing universal quality control standards. Our expert team shares the information determined specifically for each project with the manufacturers and information tracking is done digitally at every stage to ensure smooth production. This enables you to control the products you want to manufacture from the right points using the right tool. Tridi quality control team performs a secondary level inspection of completed items. And problem-free shipping is provided for products whose quality is assured.


Manufacturing Supervision

Your works that have reached the manufacturing stage are assessed in the most accurate way in terms of manufacturability thanks to our experienced project team, which has expertise with the projecting and manufacturing of tens of thousands of parts belonging to thousands of clients. By giving feedback on your design, major mistakes can be avoided before production. It is ensured that manufacture begins with high performance and low cost by providing the most precise direction in the selection of materials and manufacturing technology. On our website, you can easily contact our team, each of whom is an expert in their field, and benefit from our opinions on manufacturing and materials.

Digital Tracking

You can check your projects in the manufacturing phase at any time using our tridi.co website and immediately notify our team of any changes or revisions that are required. You can control the manufacturing stages, quality control processes, shipment planning, and all related details of your products from a single point with the help of the digital order information system we developed.


Digital manufacturing platforms, which have emerged to solve all of the problems of traditional manufacturing methods, which cause stressful, uncertain, limited, and prolonged with continuous errors, include many manufacturing technologies, manufacturers & suppliers, and a technical team of expert engineers and offer services ranging from single prototype production to mass production of hundreds of thousands of units.


On tridi.co, you may explore all of these features as well as many more benefits and manufacturing services, and you can begin your manufacturing while benefiting from the expertise of a digital manufacturing platform.

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