The 3D Printings That Made Life Easier for the Health Sector
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  • The 3D Printings That Made Life Easier for the Health Sector

The 3D Printings That Made Life Easier for the Health Sector

The use of 3D printers in many sectors is increasing day by day. In the health sector, 3D technology is used in all processes from surgical preparation to organ transplantation. It is predicted that 3D technology will shape the health sector in the future.

The 3D Printings That Made Life Easier for the Health Sector

The improvements in the 3D printing technologies also led to many new advancements in the health sector. With brand new opportunities, these are especially important for the dentistry and orthopedy. The 3D printing technology helps with even the most major problems, even by printing a brand new organ for the patients in need.

According to a study by the SmarTech Analysis, the market is valued at 1,25 billion dollars in 2019. It is expected that by 2027, the market will reach the value of 6 billion dollars. 

The 3D printing is mostly used in the health sector for printing new organs, helping with the process of organ transplantation, and other surgical procedures.

Personalized Surgery

The 3D printing technologies are mostly used for modeling of organs that are specific to patients and to develop surgical tools. Especially the anatomic modellings are hugely improved by the 3D printing machines. With the increase in the accessibility of the CAD/CAM software’s and the 3D printing machines, more and more hospitals began to setup 3D printing laboratories to help improve the accuracy of the 3D modellings. These models help the professionals’ decision making, planning, and their surgical precision. They also considerably shorten the time spent in the operating rooms.

Surgical Tools

Tools like handcuffs, hemostat, and lancets are being produced by the 3D printing technologies. The manufacturing of these tools with the 3D printing machines are 10 times cheaper than the traditional ways. The personalized surgical tools offer many benefits to both the professionals and the patients. It fastens the recovery process and shortens the trauma for the patient. They also help with the precision of the surgeons by offering more accuracy. 

The 3D printing companies have developed materials that are rustproof and titanium termo-plastics like the Ultem and the PEEK, along with nylons. It is claimed by the 3D printing companies that they were able to reduce the rate of incompability in the patients to three percent from thirty percent. It also claimed that the costs were reduced in forty-five percent, an amazing rate!

3D Organ and Tissue Printing and Orthopedic Implants

The 3D printers are able to successfully complete the printing process of tissue recovery, the change of organs, and the transplantation of the kidney and the heart. One of the most successful areas of usage for the 3D printers is the placement of new organs to the subject area, via the usage of medical tools. This technique can also be used today in the manufacturing of knee, skull, and spine placements too! Besides, it is expected that more than 600,000 implants to be placed by this technology by the end of 2019!


The most used area of the 3D printers in the health sector is the fixation of the teeth. Especially useful in the manufacturing of the neck-gear, they also lower the costs and the time considerably with personalized products for each patient. Again, according to a report by SmarTech Analysis, an increase of 3,7 billion dollars in the dentistry market is expected, and by 2027 the 3D printing technology to be the most used one in the market! Especially giants like the Align Technology and the NexDent use the 3D printing technique mostly. 


The 3D printing also helped improve the prosthesis techniques too! The artificial organ designs are already commonly used, and it is expected to be the leading technology in the coming years. This technology uses specific ways to personalize each patient's needs and replace them in the most cost and time efficient way!

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