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The Fight Against Coronavirus with 3D Printing

3D printers are playing a role in combating the Covid-19 epidemic that swept the world.

The Fight Against Coronavirus with 3D Printing

The 3D printing techniques usually help with time management, expenses, and availability. This time, it also helps the struggle against Coronavirus.

The Covid-19 epidemic, which is now officially a pandemic, can be fought against with the help of 3D printing. The first inventions with the help of 3D printing began at the places where was the most affected ones and continued since then.

Producing Valves with the Help of 3D Printing

Brescia, Italy; where the coronavirus hit the hardest, there was a dire need for the valves that would help with the breathing problems of the patients. However, the suppliers face serious logistic problems. This was where Massimo Temporelli, the founder of Nunzia Vallini and TheFabLab, suggested printing these valves after a series of meetings with the hospitals that were nearby. Cristian Fracassi, the CEO of Isinnova, answered the call and gifted one hospital a 3D printer that working with the FDM technology, and helped them to produce the valves just in a few hours, saving countless of lives. 

The next, it was reported that at least 10 people were able to hold on to life thanks to these 3D printers that produced these valves. Following this, the Lonati SpA firm which specializes on textile machines acted and helped producing the valves in a very short amount of time, saving countless of lives.

However, the medical firm that produced these valves for an amount of 11.000 of dollars threatened with these people, who produced them for only 1 dollar, with legal action. This caused an uproar amongst people. 

The Plans to Fend Off Covid-19

The Portuguese who lives in Italy, Joao Nascimento started a relief campaign named Project Open Air, which was an open manufacturing campaign. The aim of this project was to locally produce open-sourced respiratory machines that were transportable and easily replicated. For more information, please visit projectopenair.org.

Another similar project was the Helpful Engineering, with the aim of aiding people who were suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, by creating new resources.

The Slack group of this project, which we are a proud member of, consist of at least 11,500 members. Every single member of this community was fully focused to create better respiratory devices for people who were suffering from Covid-19, with the usage of every single resource that was available to them.

If you think you have something to contribute to this project, you can answer our call which is open to all engineers, lawyers, designers, and doctors. For more information, kindly visit helpfulengineering.org!

Printing 3D Homes against the Threat of Covid-19 Pandemic

Houses were produced in Chine, Xianning, which neighbors Wuhan to help those in need to counter the threat of Covid-19, by using the metal 3D printing machines.

The houses consist of 10 m2 and can be inhabited by 2 people at the same time. Every house that was produced includes a bathroom and an AC. It takes approximately 2 hours to produce these houses from scratch. The 3D machines that are used to create these houses increases the time of manufacturing.

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