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  • The manufacturing of Metal by Stanley Black&Decker with the 3D Printers

The manufacturing of Metal by Stanley Black&Decker with the 3D Printers

The use of 3D printing technologies in the industrial field is becoming more and more common. World-renowned Stanley Black & Decker started using 3D printing in the production of some of its parts.

The manufacturing of Metal by Stanley Black&Decker with the 3D Printers

The 3D printing technologies are slowly but surely becoming the leading one in the sector! The worldwide famous brand Stanley Black&Decker have also began using the 3D printing technologies, having made their first printed product lately. Although the 3D printing ways are indeed attractive, sometimes it may take some time for firms to catch up with the newest ways of doing things, as it is hard to determine when and at which part of the manufacturing to use the 3D printing, as it might be difficult to determine which layers are best suited to this technology. At this point, brands that specialize on 3D manufacturing comes to help!

Stanley Black&Decker had to offer a long time in the waiting list with a high amount of costs while producing the specialized and complex products due to the traditional methods they followed. However, now the worldwide famous firm takes help from a newly developed software, fully utilizing the advantages of the 3D printing technology. Thanks to the analysis this software produces, the brand is able to figure out which materials are suited, and which are not for the 3D printing methods

With very positive results from the test runs, Stanley Black&Decker claims to have lowered the costs down by 50%! While in a test pool of 15 products the costs were 120 dollars per piece, now it is down to 61 dollars per piece, thanks to the 3D printing methods! Also, the time of manufacturing is down to 9 days from 8 weeks.

The undeniable truth is that the 3D printing technologies will be altering our understanding of the manufacturing process with the advantages it provides, compared to the traditional methods. As Tridi, we are also improving our services constantly to meet the newly set standards by the 3D printing methods. To have more information on our services, please feel free to contact us. If you have models that are ready to be produced, you can always get a pricing from our website and start producing! We also encourage you to visit our workshop that is located within the Istanbul Technical University’s Ayazaga Campus!

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