Tridi is at the Saha Expo'22 Exhibition!

As Tridi, we met with our customers and manufacturing partners in the defense, aviation, and space industries at the Saha Expo 2022 Exhibition, one of the largest industrial clusters in Europe.

Tridi is at the Saha Expo'22 Exhibition!

As Tridi, we met with our customers and manufacturing partners in the defense, aviation, and space industries at the Saha Expo 2022 Exhibition, one of the largest industrial clusters in Europe.

Saha Expo '22 

The exhibition, which brought together more than 1000 participating companies from 57 countries, was held between 25-28 October 2022 in the Istanbul Exhibition Center with the participation of more than 25,000 visitors, military and civilian delegations, and press & media representatives. A total of 250 foreign and 750 domestic companies, particularly those from the Turkish Defense Industry, including large companies, medium-sized SMEs, suppliers from the manufacturing industry, R&D centers, technology companies, and start-ups, attracted the great attention of the visitors. 

At the exhibition where Turkey's high-technology manufacturing potential and capabilities were exhibited, high-tech products that will undertake critical tasks in the defense and aerospace industry in the future were introduced, meetings were held with national and international procurement committees, and the foundations of new collaborations and agreements with exhibitors and professional visitors were laid. 

At Saha Expo, which offers an effective platform for important collaborations, many events were held such as industrial panels, start-up projects, company demonstrations, and new product launches.


The expectations of the participating companies and the visitors were exceedingly met at the big meeting of the defense, aviation, maritime, and space industries. 

At the Saha Expo 2022, where new products were introduced and thousands of B2B, B2G, and G2G meetings were held, innovative solutions of technology companies and start-ups attracted professional visitors and opened the door to new collaborations. State-of-the-art products such as unmanned aerial and land vehicles, which were demonstrated for the first time at the exhibition, aircraft, robots, missile technologies, smart ammunition, and submarine vehicles were exhibited. 

If you want to check out Tridi SAHA EXPO 2021: 

Tridi's Contribution to Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and Export 

As Tridi online manufacturing supply platform, we met with our customers and manufacturing partners in the defense and aviation industries. We held negotiations for potential new business partnerships with domestic and foreign customers who visited our booth located in Hall 7 No. B-08. Among the visitors to our booth were many domestic and foreign companies operating in the medical, defense, automotive, aviation, and manufacturing industries. 

The services Tridi offers such as; 

  • The innovative solutions we create, 
  • Extensive manufacturing capabilities from rapid prototyping to mass manufacturing,
  • The convenience of meeting all manufacturing needs from a single point,
  • A strong supply chain that makes a difference in the deadline,
  • Continuous business and export opportunities for suppliers,
  • Tridi's smart manufacturing platform model

were among the most significant points that attracted the attention of our visitors.


New business opportunities, rapid solutions, and export opportunities we have created for suppliers attracted quite a lot of attention. 

On the other hand, visitors and professionals from the industry observed that the problems experienced in terms of diversity of manufacturing technologies, technical support, post-manufacturing processes, and quality standards could be greatly reduced and that rapid solutions would be more common in the future. 



With the developing technology, the diversity of manufacturing applications has been increasing with each passing year. Many advantages Turkey has created in terms of manufacturing and supply chain were one of the points focused on at Saha Expo 2022. 

Even though the development slowed down due to the recession and supply chain problems due to the pandemic, it is observed that the need for additive manufacturing has been increasing each passing day. 3D printing technologies, which we, as Tridi, can simply describe as the new face of manufacturing in this world of diversity, have become the most popular manufacturing technology in our booth. Plastic and metal additive manufacturing solutions seem to continue to create innovative and sustainable approaches in all industries. 

We were asked a lot of questions about DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) in particular, and we saw that the products we exhibited attracted attention. Thanks to the permanent solutions provided in rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing, it is estimated that metal additive manufacturing technologies, which reached a global market volume of USD 2.54 billion in 2021, will rise to USD 11.40 billion in 2030. 



By filling the free capacities of our manufacturing partners, Tridi provides the resources they need to grow their businesses, and we share the manufacturing demands of many domestic and global companies with our qualified supply network. 

We bring our customers with creative ideas together with supplier network that can implement these ideas; thus, we shed light on the industrial manufacturing solutions. We digitalize manufacturing using our solutions that strengthen supply chain deficiencies that will be frequently encountered in the recent past and in the future. 


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Tridi is at the Saha Expo'22 Exhibition!
Atman Aksin

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