, TechOne VC liderliğindeki turda 336 bin dolar yatırım aldı
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  • raised $336,000 in TechOne VC-led round! raised $336,000 in TechOne VC-led round!

As the team, we have good news. We continue our adventure by thinking, designing and producing without interruption, with exciting investment news. We are excited to announce that we have completed our investment round led by TechOne VC. raised $336,000 in TechOne VC-led round!

Our artificial intelligence-based platform, which digitizes the product procurement process and makes it faster and more efficient, received an investment of 336 thousand dollars. 

Lead by TechOne VC, the investment tour was realized not only by the attendance of Arya Kadın Yatırım Platformu, Galata Business Angel, but also Murat Özadam, Haluk Zİya Türkmen, Ayşe Banu Sertgil, Koray Kurhan. 

Manufacturing Procurement Processes Are Now Faster with Tridi 

On demand manufacturing market, Tridi offers an order and order tracking platform to those who need manufacturing services with its B2B managed marketplace business model. The manufacturing partners network that meets the needs of manufacturing is also at the other end of the platform. Tridi, which has more than 70 manufacturing partners registered on the platform, while providing services for 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Urethane Casting, Injection Molding, Sheet Metal Fabrication; it also uses artificial intelligence supported software to solve problems like pricing, slow bidding process, speed of manufacturing, manufacturing follow-up and product quality guarantee processes, making it more transparent, fast and efficient. 

We Received Over 1500 on Demand Manufacturing Orders in 12 Months

Our platform, which has grown acceleration from the moment we started offering services, reached more than 4000 engineers and supplied more than 10,000 products with more than 70 manufacturing parts. Showcasing a 50% growth monthly, in a matter of only 12 months, order size rocketed over 1 million dollars. With the new investment tour, we aim to increase our growth in the global market by reaching all the manufacturers in Turkish markets and including them in our system with the orders we have received in the European market and our manufacturing partners in domestic manufacturing. 

Led by Sultan Nur Bulut, Çınar Topaloğlu and Onur Keskin, our platform will continue its journey into newer properties for digitalized manufacturing. 

Message from Çınar Topaloğlu!

Çınar Topaloğlu, our general manager and co-founder of Tridi stated: “Thanks to our manufacturing procurement platform, we gained happy users making the process between companies that receive manufacturing services and suppliers a much more transparent, accessible and productive point. We will be preparing and diversifying the launch of our products into the marketplace with the investment that we received. Especially in Europe, we will increase the number of orders from abroad on our platforms and bring the domestic supplier together with the global customer order. We thank our young staff, customers, manufacturing partners, business partners and investors who contributed to the formation of the infrastructure that we find today. 

Onur Keskin, partner network director and co-founder, also stated: “We have gathered the manufacturing power in Turkey on a digital platform according to their competence and capabilities. We have provided users with open capacity at all times and achieved significant success on the way. With this investment, we aim to open our manufacturing network to global markets.”

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