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What Happened at Tridi in 2019?

In our article, we summarized the important developments and figures that took place in Tridi in 2019.

What Happened at Tridi in 2019?

2019 was a valuable year for Tridi as we witnessed a high amount of progress in manufacturing and innovation. As Tridi, we did not only produce high quality material for our customers, but also with the software we developed, we feel like we contributed a lot to the community. Here’s a detailed view of the year 2019 at Textoni:

Beginning in 2014, 2019 witnessed our 5th year doing the business we love! We created with our community, building a trusted relationship with our customers. We improved ourselves by evaluating the feedback we got from our customers, in speed and quality. Inspired by these feedbacks, we kickstarted the community. 2019 witnessed the first time the customers wouldn’t had to wait for days to get a price for their desired products, as we made sure that our potential customers would get an option within hours, and sometimes even within minutes. Our algorithms that are built in the can analyze the risks and rewards of your desired product and can also offer the option of repairment, unlike the other options in the market. Our AI can offer the best available product technology for your design and can give you pricing options within minutes.

With ITU, we kickstarted the project ITU Magnet Fab x Tridi in 2019. The manufacturing center that was built with the help of ISTKA owed a lot to Tiridi. With our expert team members, the ITU Magnet Tridi became a platform for both companies and individuals to consult and get professional service. We were consulted by hundreds of people in 2019, with the help of our expertness and free consultation option.

2019 in Numbers:

Even to our surprise, our sales were up by 2.5 times compared with the last year. We manufactured at least 5,000 pieces for more than 2,000 orders. The most preferred choice of manufacturing was our MJF 3D print technology with at least 110 orders, which is optimal for mass manufacturing. Our fastest manufactured piece was for an automobile, a piece to help link the other ones, which we manufactured in faster than 5 minutes. The biggest size we ever manufactured in 2019 was a piece, that was in the size of 1040x480x210 mms. We got the most demand from Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli, respectively. The most in demand sector was the automobile one. Our delivery time was approximately 38 hours. However, we were at our most pleased when our clients were happy. 

Thanks to our Live Help system offered in our website, we were able to help at least 1000 customers since May of 2019. 99% of these tickets were ended in a positive result. We also didn’t forget our customers who asked for help via phone, we made at least 4000 phone calls with our customers this year.

We did most of the manufacturings for the aircraft, farming technologies, automotive, household goods, music, VR, AI, and for the public welfare sectors; with 73 manufacturings for 35 different brands. And we were able to limit the number of revisions to 4! The brands that opted for our services instead of looking to pay for services that are outside of Turkey earned profited approximately 6 weeks. In our joint manufacturing space, there were an average of 5 brands that were working at the same time. We hosted at least 70 training sessions, with an average number attendance being more than 2000.

How Does 2020 Look Like?

We will kickstar 2020 by adding the most in demand feature; the metal 3D printing. Our customers will be able to see the pricing for their desired products within minutes, or even seconds! The instant pricing feature will also be available for the CNC machining and the Laser cut services that we offer. With new technologies, new materials, and new collaborations; we will increase our capacity of work and the number of people in our community. Our Tubitak Teydep 1501 project will also come to life in the coming months! Who knows, you might see us on the news with new patents. There will be periodical meeting with our community, to extend our network and meet more people! 

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