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What is CNC Milling?

By means of cutting tools that generate drive with the force of the engine on the stationary part, the CNC machining center performs the machining process by moving along the axes with computer control to give the material the desired shape. The workpiece is fixed to the bed of the machine tool and the manufacturing process is performed by moving both the cutting tool and the workpiece relative to each other.

By having CNC machining services, you can swiftly meet your special functional prototyping or final product needs with the option of high-quality plastic or dozens of metal materials in 3,4 or 5-axis CNC machining centers.

The 3-axis CNC machines allow the cutting tools to be moved in a fixed trajectory along the three axes, giving the desired form to the part. With the development of CNC technology over time, 5-axis CNC machines, which can operate along several independent axes and provide machining tools with the ability to move in different trajectories, give excellent results in the production of more complex workpieces with high precision.

After the manufacturability analysis of workpieces is performed, the selection of the most suitable machine and operation for manufacturing depending on the technical features such as surface quality, measurement tolerance and hole depth of the final product helps you to save time and cost.

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CNC Milling Services
3 Axis CNC Machining

3-axis CNC machines are machine tools where the cutting tools move along three axes (X, Y, Z) (horizontal, vertical, depth) and the workpiece is manufactured by removing the metals from the raw material, with the specified technical specifications.

These are CNC machining centers where you can produce workpieces with simple geometries at affordable costs and with high precision. It is a manufacturing technology where you can simply perform hole drilling and machining, tapping and reaming and discharging applications.

The accessibility of the cutting tool has a number of machining restrictions in vertical CNC operation. As a natural result of the CNC machining and manufacturing process, the sharp inner corners on the workpiece will be radial. In 3-axis CNC machines, certain areas may be difficult to reach for parts with complex geometry or manually moving the workpiece may affect dimension tolerance.

5 Axis CNC Machining

5-axis CNC machines provide more precision and the advantage of manufacturing parts more stably compared to the 3- and 4-axis machine tools. In addition to the three linear axes, 5-axis CNC machines, which can also perform machining on two rotational axes, have the ability to move all five axes simultaneously. The cost of 5-axis machines with high-quality manufacturing capabilities is higher than other manufacturing technologies.

It is an ideal machining technology for mechanical part requests where you can obtain smooth surfaces with complex geometries. With 5-axis CNC machines, you can perform straight, round, T or conical milling applications. You can use multiple tool types or customized tools.

Facilitate your program and manufacturing processes using state-of-the-art machine tools with certified manufacturing partners in our competent supplier network who are experts in CNC machining. Meet your special production needs with precise and dynamic manufacturing technologies.

AluminumStainless SteelMild Alloy SteelOther Metals
6061-T6303Mild Steel 1018Brass C360
6082304LMild Steel 1045Copper C101
7075-T6316LAlloy Steel 4130Copper C110
5083416Alloy Steel 4140Titanium Grade 1
5052420Alloy Steel 4340Titanium Grade 2
2014430Tool Steel A2Inconel 718
2017440CTool Steel A3
2024301Tool Steel D2
6063Tool Steel H13
7050Tool Steel O1
PlasticsReinforced Plastics
ABSPolypropylene (%30) GF
PolypropyleneNylon %30 GF
Nylon 6PMMA (Acrylic)
Delrin (POM-H)PEEK
Acetal (POM-C)
PTFE (Teflon)
CNC Machining Tolerance Ranges
Part Size RangesPlastics (ISO 2768- m)Metals (ISO 2768- f)
0.5mm* to 3mm±0.1mm±0.05mm
Over 3mm to 6mm±0.1mm±0.05mm
Over 6mm to 30mm±0.2mm±0.1mm
Over 30mm to 120mm±0.3mm±0.15mm
Over 120mm to 400mm±0.5mm±0.2mm
Over 400mm to 1000mm±0.8mm±0.3mm
Over 1000mm to 2000mm±1.2mm±0.5mm
Over 2000mm to 4000mm±2mm-
Finishing Options

Different finishing options can be preferred according to the place and situation where the machined piece will be used. Some processes can be applied to make the model smoother, brighter, matte, and corrosion-resistant. Some of these processes are listed below.

As Machined

The pieces are delivered as machined. The burrs are removed and sharp corners are cleaned.


The pieces are sandblasted using glass beads. Machining marks are removed, a homogeneous and matte surface is obtained.

Satin Finishing

The surfaces of the pieces are cleaned using 400-600 sandpaper. A homogeneous smooth and striped surface is obtained.

Raw Material + Anodized Coating

After machining, anodized coating is applied to prevent corrosion and increase abrasion resistance. Coating can be performed using standard color options.

Sandblasting + Anodized Coating

Matte anodized coating is applied to the surface after homogeneous sandblasting. You can select any color you want among the standard colors to coat the pieces. Applies to aluminum materials only.


The finishing process is applied to the pieces manually. You can get a brighter and smoother surface. It may not be applied to the surfaces remaining inside. It is not recommended for pieces where measurement accuracy is important.

Electrostatic Powder Coating

Powder coating is ideal for materials to be used outdoors. Paint with the specified RAL code can be applied. It can cause thickness differences in pieces.


Different plating options can be applied to different materials. For example chromium plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, etc.

Satin Finishing + Anodized Coating

Anodized coating after satin finishing is ideal for homogeneous appearance.

Oxidation / Blackening Process

It is applied to steel materials. It reduces corrosion resistance and light reflection.

Advantages of CNC Milling

CNC milling machines are suitable for prototyping with low quantities, user and design testing solutions in medium-sized quantities, and are also among the ideal manufacturing technologies in terms of production of post-market attachments and customization equipment, also mass production demands for final products to be placed in the market.

You can have your industrial parts having various geometries, which require high machining capability and strict tolerances, manufactured using 3, 4 or 5-axis CNC machining centers. By leveraging CNC machining manufacturing capabilities, with which you can manufacture complex shapes with a single adjustment, you can make your mass production processes and resource flow more efficient.

Wide Range of Materials

Dimensional Tolerances at Micron Level

Excellent Strength and Surface Properties

Sustainable Production Quality

The Opportunity of Manufacturing Complex Models

High Temperature Strength

Upload your CAD file to and produce your custom-design industrial parts. Purchase the most suitable CNC machining service for your budget from the most appropriate manufacturer for your project with design optimization and cost reduction recommendations and start production within hours.

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