Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

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What is Wire EDM?

In the process of manufacturing with wire electrical discharge machining, an alloy wire suitable for cutting is used to cut the part to be machined and the cutting process is performed with the electro-erosion method. For obtaining a proper cutting, the workpiece is manufactured in the dielectric fluid environment created with the water supply units in the machine. To cut and remove the conductive materials from the part, manufacturing is performed with arc, which is known as electrical discharge.

Deionized water allows the machined part and the electrode to cool, while also serving to remove the parts that break off from the workpiece from the environment. Liquid pressure prevents the molten metal from sticking to the surface while ensuring low surface roughness and high cutting accuracy.

With the wire EDM method, you can manufacture deep pockets, marks, turning tools, broaches, gears and various molds. It is an advanced electrothermal machining technology for metallurgical applications, such as the examination of weld sections of the part, the production of samples for mechanical tests (tensile, fatigue, wear, etc.) or the detection of chemical changes on the casting piece.

What is Die Sinking EDM?

Die sinking electrical discharge machining is a CNC machining method that enables the manufacturing of forms that cannot be fully machined with conventional CNC machining methods.(turning, milling etc.) Shapes the workpiece immersed in the dielectric fluid by abrading it, utilizing electron migration (discharge) between the workpiece and an electrode (brass, copper, graphite, etc.) that serves as a tool.

By creating current sparks through the electrode, gears with complex internal structures, helical gears and small channels with complex structures can be machined on the workpiece. In addition, pressurized and injection cast molds, forged molds, carvings and concavities for cutting tools can also be manufactured with sinking erosion technology.

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7075-T6316LAlloy Steel 4130Copper C110
5083416Alloy Steel 4140Titanium Grade 1
5052420Alloy Steel 4340Titanium Grade 2
2014430Tool Steel A2Inconel 718
2017440CTool Steel A3
2024301Tool Steel D2
6063Tool Steel H13
7050Tool Steel O1

With the use of EDM technology, you can achieve repeatable, precision tolerances as low as 0.01 mm. We use ISO 2768 standards.

Finishing Options

Different finishing options can be preferred according to the place and situation where the machined piece will be used. Some processes can be applied to make the model smoother, brighter, matte, and corrosion-resistant. Some of these processes are listed below.

As Machined

The pieces are delivered as machined. The burrs are removed and sharp corners are cleaned.


The pieces are sandblasted using glass beads. Machining marks are removed, a homogeneous and matte surface is obtained.

Satin Finishing

The surfaces of the pieces are cleaned using 400-600 sandpaper. A homogeneous smooth and striped surface is obtained.

Raw Material + Anodized Coating

After machining, anodized coating is applied to prevent corrosion and increase abrasion resistance. Coating can be performed using standard color options.

Sandblasting + Anodized Coating

Matte anodized coating is applied to the surface after homogeneous sandblasting. You can select any color you want among the standard colors to coat the pieces. Applies to aluminum materials only.


The finishing process is applied to the pieces manually. You can get a brighter and smoother surface. It may not be applied to the surfaces remaining inside. It is not recommended for pieces where measurement accuracy is important.

Electrostatic Powder Coating

Powder coating is ideal for materials to be used outdoors. Paint with the specified RAL code can be applied. It can cause thickness differences in pieces.


Different plating options can be applied to different materials. For example chromium plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, etc.

Satin Finishing + Anodized Coating

Anodized coating after satin finishing is ideal for homogeneous appearance.

Oxidation / Blackening Process

It is applied to steel materials. It reduces corrosion resistance and light reflection.

Advantages of EDM

The electrodes used in CNC machining with wire & die sinking EDM generally do not require additional treatment as those are specifically designed considering the surface quality and geometry of the final product and this is considered the final machining process.

Since wire EDM is a non-contact machining method, no shear force is applied to the workpieces. That is why it is a machining technology that makes it possible to machine small and critical parts without burrs. With wire EDM, materials with high electrical conductivity and low melting temperature can be machined more effectively.

Machining speed varies according to the amount of energy in each spark and the time interval of each spark. Molds made of hard metals can be easily machined.

With die sinking EDM technology, molds with highly complex profiles can be manufactured. Blind details such as holes or gaps that are not open at the lower end can be manufactured. It can start machining from anywhere on the workpiece without being affected by flanges or open holes.

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