Delivery and Returns

Delivery, Inspection, Acceptance, Complaints and Retention of Ownership Shipments are shipped by commercial carrier by Tridi or its manufacturing partners. For ease of processes, transportation and delivery costs will be added to the invoice and will be made up front by Tridi. Tridi will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship an order on agreed dates. It accepts no liability for delays in delivery and shipment of the order and/or for any damage or loss resulting from such delays. Failure by Tridi to meet a shipping date or delivery time is not a breach of the order or these General Conditions of Sale. tridy; has the right to suspend delivery obligations under an order, depending on whether you will fully and timely fulfill your payment obligations and/or your attitude in this matter, or in the event of its own judgment and purely objective reasons.

You must inspect parts immediately upon receipt and notify Tridi in writing if you believe any part of an order is missing, defective, incorrect, or damaged, within five (5) business days of delivery of the parts. Parts will be deemed accepted, non-refundable and non-refundable unless you notify Tridi of what is missing, incorrect or damaged within five (5) business days of delivery. Any dispute must be brought within the specified 5-day period and, if requested by Tridi, you must return the parts to Tridi within ten (10) business days from the date of the request, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Tridi. Parts returned to Tridi after this period will not be processed or returned. If, after receiving your order, you replace parts in any way without Tridi's prior written consent, the parts will be deemed accepted, non-refundable and non-refundable. Tridi will retain ownership of the items until you make all payments for the items delivered. Ownership will pass to you upon completion of payments.

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