Electronics and IoT

With our wide manufacturing partners network and artificial intelligence-supported manufacturing supply platform, we provide speed and efficiency in the manufacturing processes of companies that develop hardware in the field of Electronics & IoT.

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Accelerate Your Manufacturing

In the rapidly changing world, new needs mean new products. Companies have to be fast and innovative to stay competitive in the hardware market. As tridi.co, we shorten the time period between manufacturing and launch of the product, adding speed and value to your manufacturing supply processes.

Tridi offers instant manufacturability analysis for your models. You can get quotations and compare prices for different technologies and materials on the platform. You can match with the most suitable supplier among the wide manufacturing partners network registered on the platform to manufacture your models, and you can go through the manufacturing phase in the fastest way.

You can access different technologies and materials by managing all stages of manufacturing, from prototype construction (formation) to mass production in low quantities, on a single platform. You can follow up on the entire production process through the order tracking system, and you can get support from our expert engineering team when you need help.

In order to stay ahead of the competition in the field of dynamic Electronics & IoT, we support you in the manufacturing supply.

Our applications in this industry

  • Pieces such as handles, buttons, switches, consoles, heat sinks.
  • Fixtures
  • Storage Boxes
  • Pilot Product Manufacturing in Low Quantities
  • Mass Production Plastic Products

Get instant quotation to get production service

Order Process

You can upload your models to Tridi.co, the manufacturing Supply Platform,and get a quotation for 5 different manufacturing methods and tens of materials and the manufacturing quantity you request.


When you confirm the quotation, your project will be matched with the most suitable manufacturer, and manufacturing will be started quickly. Throughout the production process, Tridi engineers take care of the status of your order.


You are informed by e-mail at each step during the production process. If you wish you can follow up on the process on tridi.co or contact our sales support engineers.


After your pieces are manufactured, they go through quality control first at our manufacturing partner and then at the Tridi operations center, and they are carefully packaged and shipped to you.

Why Tridi in this industry?

Thanks to Tridi's manufacturing partners network, you can always have the manufacturing capacity. Thus, whether you want to manufacture 1 piece or 100,000 pieces, start manufacturing without wasting time in any application volume.

You can create your orders online and follow every stage of your orders through the portal. You are automatically notified at each new step.

The manufactured orders go through a standard quality control process. Each order you place is delivered to you after being manufactured with a quality guarantee in accordance with tolerances.

Which companies do we collaborate with in this industry?

Network Hardware Manufacturers
Electronic Hardware Technologies Startups
Electronic Medical Device Manufacturers
IoT (Internet of Things) Hardware Manufacturers
Electrical Equipment Developers
Consumer Electronics Device Manufacturers
Lighting Equipment Developers

Get profit by procuring your production processes from a single platform!

You can get a quotation for our services by signing in as a member. You can send an e-mail to info@tridi.co or fill out the form below to get information about our services, evaluate your projects, career opportunities and all other processes.

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