We accelerate your manufacturing in the manufacturing sector thanks to our manufacturing capacity, which is always supported by our wide manufacturing partners network. We offer a digitalized manufacturing supply experience with instant pricing, manufacturability analysis, starting the manufacturing rapidly and a manufacturing tracking system.

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Accelerate Your Manufacturing

With the customization of machinery in the manufacturing industry and the spread of a low-volume manufacturing culture instead of stocked manufacturing, the need for on-demand manufacturing has increased. Instead of establishing a manufacturing line to manufacture machines, it has become more profitable and sustainable to make external manufacturing with the right supply management. We solve the challenges of our customers in their manufacturing supply processes in the manufacturing industry through a single platform.

You can access various manufacturing technologies and wide material options from a single point; thanks to our partner network of qualified suppliers, you can meet all your manufacturing needs through the most proper channel. You can have a digital experience in the manufacturing supply process with instant quotes, an order tracking system, and much more.

With the manufacturing consultancy of our expert engineers, you choose the right manufacturing method for your projects. Also, the software we have developed and our expert engineers provide you with feedback that will help you adapt your designs to the manufacturing method you choose and reduce your costs.

Our Applications in This Industry

  • Prototype and Mass Production Molds
  • Special Tool Manufacturing for CNC Machining
  • Prototype, Low-Volume and Mass Production Machinery Parts
  • Pre-Mold Samples
  • Fittings
  • Mold Core Manufacturing
  • Motion Axes Parts
  • External Cladding Sheet Manufacturing

Get instant quotation to get production service

Order Process

You can upload your models to, the manufacturing Supply Platform,and get a quotation for 5 different manufacturing methods and tens of materials and the manufacturing quantity you request.


When you confirm the quotation, your project will be matched with the most suitable manufacturer, and manufacturing will be started quickly. Throughout the production process, Tridi engineers take care of the status of your order.


You are informed by e-mail at each step during the production process. If you wish you can follow up on the process on or contact our sales support engineers.


After your pieces are manufactured, they go through quality control first at our manufacturing partner and then at the Tridi operations center, and they are carefully packaged and shipped to you.

Why Tridi in this industry?

The manufactured orders go through a standard quality control process. Each order you place is delivered to you after being manufactured with a quality guarantee in accordance with tolerances.

Thanks to our CNC machining and industrial 3D printing methods, you can manufacture your items with high precision tolerances, even for low-volume orders.

We offer you all the materials you need in your project within the scope of our production methods. You can choose the most suitable materials for your project from our wide range of materials, or you can ask our engineers who are specialized in manufacturing to assist you in choosing materials according to the features you need in your project.

Which companies do we collaborate with in this industry?

Cutting Tool Manufacturers
Mold Manufacturers
Plastic Parts Manufacturers
Machinery Manufacturers and Contractors
Custom Machinery Manufacturers

Get profit by procuring your production processes from a single platform!

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